Month: April 2014

Rep. Rangel Joins Minimum Wage Challenge

News Release: Florida Senate
Updated: April 8, 2014, 4:45pm

TALLAHASSEE— As Republican lawmakers continue to stall any action on raising the minimum wage, Florida Democrats who have joined Senator Dwight Bullard’s challenge to live on the meager income for a week will hold a press conference tomorrow to discuss their progress.

“For the everyday minimum wage workers putting in 40 hours, they’re still having difficulties putting food on the table each week,” Senator Bullard (D-Miami) stated. “It’s amazing to see how many of those who oppose any increase are afraid to accept the challenge to live for a week on the status quo. What are they so afraid of?”

Senator Bullard’s “Live for a Week on Minimum Wage” began this past Monday, when he and other Democratic lawmakers challenged opponents to his minimum wage bill to survive on the average minimum wage salary of $317 per week (before taxes). So far, none of the Republicans have accepted.

At the event on Wednesday Senator Bullard will be joined by Florida House Representatives Cynthia Stafford, Kionne McGhee, Shevrin Jones, Bobby Powell, Ricardo Rangel, Victor Manuel Torres Jr, and Jose Javier Rodrigues. All of them have been pushing for legislation, including Senator Bullard’s SB 456, raising the state’s minimum wage to $10.10 to be heard in this year’s legislative session. Just past the half-way point, however, neither the Republican-led Senate nor the Republican-led House have made any effort to hear the bills, despite overwhelming public support for the increase.